Terms of Service


Cervo Cleaning is committed to protecting the privacy of customers. We will not sell, exchange, or otherwise distribute your personally identifiable information to outside parties.


We expect the cleaners are entering and working in a safe and friendly environment. If a cleaner feels unsafe for any reason, they will leave the property without completing the job. This includes inappropriate or uncomfortable situations, weapons on premises, severe clutter, disconnected utilities, unsanitary conditions, or any other circumstance in which the cleaner deems unfitting. Shall this occur, NO refund will be provided.


Getting customer feedback is an important ingredient to a successful house cleaning service relationship.  Your feedback helps us monitor the performance of your cleaning technicians and deliver the highest quality cleaning experience in the industry.


Cleaners may take before and after pictures of the clean. These pictures are used for training, proof of work, and promotional purposes. These pictures are most often, but not limited to, Onetime Cleanings and Move‐In/Out cleanings. If you do not want pictures taken of work areas in your home please notify us ahead of time


We respect your home, and your safety. We do our best to disarm and rearm your security system according to the directions provided, and the code provided. We are not responsible for any charges from a local police department or security monitoring company or any other associated charges related to an activated alarm while entering, cleaning, or leaving your home.  Additionally, you agree to hold harmless and / or release Cervo Cleaning from any and all liability relating to any failure of the alarm or not arming the alarm properly.


Upon arrival, if a cleaner enters any area containing bio-hazards, that area will not be cleaned. You will still be charged the full cost of the cleaning. If there is feces in any part of the house, the entire home will not be cleaned and you will be responsible for the full cost of the cleaning.


We cannot be responsible for pets that “escape” when cleaning technicians are entering/exiting your home. If your pet will be “roaming free” during the clean, please let us know in advance, so the cleaning technicians can be on alert when they open doors.  The cleaning technicians are trained to close doors as soon as they enter and exit your home and will not leave doors open for long periods.


We work around pets every day and love them!  However, if you have special concerns that fall outside the duties of cleaning (i.e., if you have allergies to your pet and your pet cannot be in your bedroom, your cat cannot have any plastic around him or he will eat it, or your dog gets excited and urinates when greeting a visitor), we will not be held responsible for any damages or liability that result from your pets’ actions.  If your pet has ANY special requirements, we recommend boarding them for the day of the cleaning.


The cleaning technicians are advised to exercise reasonable care when cleaning your home.  We do carry insurance for damage or breakage caused by the cleaning technicians. We are not liable for damage that is caused by “normal wear and tear,” improper installation of an item in your home, or artwork, magnets on refrigerators, collectibles or family heirlooms.

These items include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Carpet & Rug Snags Carpet snags are the result of “exposed loops” caused by normal wear and tear, moving furniture, etc. which are snagged by a vacuum’s roller‐brush.
  • Insufficient Support / Not Recommended Placement: We are not responsible for items such as televisions, mirrors, photos, pictures, decorations, art objects, etc., that are not properly placed on stable objects or affixed properly and per manufacturer’s recommendations. Thumb tacks, short nails, nails hanging frames with tiny nail heads, or unanchored nails for heavy paintings or mirrors or other objects are not stable.
  • Cleaning Refrigerators:  Customers should be aware that there are some inherent risks each time your refrigerator drawers and shelving are cleaned. If there has been gunk / old food / sticky substances, when you scrub that clean, the plastic, which is a brittle substance, may crack as you are “weakening” the structure now to scrubbing the matter off. The matter — especially sticky substances — adhere to the plastic, so cracking can occur. We are not responsible for any cracking / splitting, etc. for your refrigerator that is a result of this.
  • Broken Blinds:  Customers should be aware that there are some inherent risks each time your blinds are cleaned and/or dusted.  Blinds will become brittle from daily exposure to the sun, and strings/chords will weaken over time resulting in breaks.
  • Artwork, Collectibles, Family Heirlooms and valuables:  These items are expensive or impossible to replace and so we will not take the risk of cleaning such items.  It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Cervo Cleaning of any such items existing or brought into the home after our initial setup, that fall into this category. Additionally, if there is artwork which is especially fragile or unusual, please notify us BEFORE the cleaning so we can exercise appropriate care.
  • Wine, Champagne, and Other Glassware; Dishes & Crystal Bowls:  On the day of your cleaning, we do request that counter tops be free of all dishes, glassware, etc.  We are not responsible for breakage of any items as we attempt to remove them from counters to clean.  Please note fragile stemware should always be put safely away to avoid any accidents.
  • Glass Objects in Home:  We request that you remove any objects that could present a danger to our technicians if they were to break.  If you do have glass furniture, or large art objects, we ask that you alert us to them ahead of time so that we can put a special warning in your work order for the technicians.  We will not be responsible for any damage to glass objects. If you continue to have glass objects despite our request not to have them in there or you have not given us notice in writing about their location, we may terminate your service if we feel it is too risky for breakage and injury..​
  • Use of Homeowner’s Vacuum:  If you request the cleaning technicians to use your vacuum, we will not assume or accept any liability for damage to the unit.